Bug Tracking

Bug Tracking Demonstration Video Report, track and resolve bugs, issues, changes and new feature requests during product development. Streamline development and maintenance. Focus team effort on tasks required to quickly complete the project. Implement a well-defined workflow that can be fully customized.

Team Development with QuickBugs

  • Make bug reports accessible to developers, testers and managers.
  • Store all data as XML formatted text files.
  • Support concurrent access to bug reports.
  • Setup multiple projects.
  • Assign responsibilities, access and privileges to users for each project.
  • Customize the data collection and workflow for each project.
  • Estimate, assign and track the work required to resolve and test bugs.
  • Classify, sort, view, print and generate reports.
  • Manage information by priority, type and other properties.
  • Estimate personnel workloads and release dates from bug statistics.
  • Determine release dates based on bug detection and resolution statistics.
  • Maintain the history of each bug automatically.
  • Generate release notes, progress reports or statistics for each project.
  • Evaluate the efficiency of detection methods for locating new bugs.
  • Send highly targeted email notifications based on configured events.
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