ClickInstall MacOSX

Software Installers

Create a professional Mac OS X software installer in minutes. Create installers for any number of products or licenses with a no-nonsense, one-time purchase.

Reduce development time and support costs. Allow user to double-click installer on CD or download and double-click to install. Offer user choices and options during the install process. Some options can be downloaded on demand during the install process making the Setup file small and downloads quick for all users.

The first impression of your product and company comes during the install process.

Make a great, first impression with ClickInstall!

  • Compress Setup file for smaller size and fast download.
  • Generate full Setup or tiny quick Patch Installers.
  • Create double-click installer for CD or download.
  • Run Setup from disk, CD or download files during install.
  • Offer user choice and options during install process.
  • Apply static password or computer unique activation.
  • Provide Password by phone, email or online activation.
  • Add logo, background images and custom installer icon.
  • Display web link or custom text in installer window.
  • Install to Applications folder or prompt for location.
  • Make desktop alias (shortcut) during install process.
  • Require license agreement confirmation.
  • Include button to present help or release notes.
  • Run custom executable before or after installation.
  • Customize titles, buttons and text for any language.
  • Present Pre or Post install messages.
  • Take user to a web page when install is complete.
  • Check minimum OS and RAM requirements before install.
  • Store parameters for each installer in a separate record.
  • Upload Setup files to website during the build process.
  • Rebuild CD and downloadable installer file with one click.
  • Build a batch of installers with one button click.
  • Split multiple GB installer into multiple CDs or download files.
  • Distribute royalty-free installers for unlimited products.

Site Edition:

    A Site edition gives your team instant access to installer setup information from their desktop. Select from a menu of databases on startup. A database is stored as a single file that can reside on a shared network drive.

    ClickInstall Data Sheet Each database can be used by team members from any networked computer. Make it easy for people with different language skills or product responsibility to configure installers.

System Requirements:
    Click Here to Order ClickInstall runs on Mac OS X 10.7 or later.