Workbook Generated Apps That Run Without Microsoft Excel


ExcelRT Benefits

      Simplify and customize the user experience without complex Menu and Ribbon commands.
      Create Apps that run on Mac, Windows and Linux now, then later on iOS or Android.
      Eliminate Excel version and OS inconsistencies by controlling your App environment.
      Lower user cost with free ExcelRT and a quick learning curve.
      Reduce support cost with a simplified runtime environment and no trust center complications.
      Protect your work and apply licensing features with a few button clicks.
      Distribute a professional, self-contained app that runs on any modern computer or device.
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    ExcelRT for Mac, Windows and Linux computers is available now with mobile platforms coming soon. Any Excel workbook developer can download, convert and distribute their files to run in ExcelRT with distribution options to fit any budget.

    Anyone with Excel authoring skills can create their solution for free, then buy an ExcelRT Annual Subscription to protect, productize and sell it. Get royalty-free distribution rights to ExcelRT on any computers or devices used by your customers.

Getting Started

  1. Download and Install Free ConvertExcelRT and ExcelRT.
  2. Review User Guide installed in the ConvertExcelRT Folder.
  3. Run Tutorials in User Guide to Understand the Process.
  4. Review Sample Projects and Video Library.
  5. Convert Your Workbook to ExcelRT.
  6. Learn ExcelRT Scripting to Complete Your Solution.
  7. License and Productize Your App with QuickLicense.
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