White Papers, Data Sheets and Trials

White Papers White Papers
    Download free white papers on software design and code generation with UML, requirements management or software protection and activation.

Data Sheets Demo Editions
    A Demo & Manual(s) package is available for all Excel Software products at a nominal cost. See the Price & Ordering page for price and ordering details.

    Demo software is nearly identical to the full product except that saving to disk is limited. Each Demo package includes sample projects, step-by-step tutorials, full printed manual(s), PDF manual(s) and free technical support.

    Password protected product software is included on the CD. When upgrading to the full product, deduct the Demo price. We'll email the product password and you'll usually be up and running the same day.

Trial Editions
    Downloadable Trial editions are available for selected products. The Trial edition may contain a subset of the full capabilities in the Demo or Product edition as further described on the download page in the links below. Trial editions may not include the latest enhancements available in the Demo or Product edition.
    • QuickHelp - Help Authoring for Windows and Mac
    • QuickUML - UML Modeling Tool for Software Design
    • QuickCRC - Software Design with CRC Cards
    • QuickBugs - Flexible Bug Tracking
    • RbApp - Software Components for Xojo and Realbasic Developers
    • MarketBuddy - Market any Product on the Internet
    • ClickInstall - Create Mac Software Installers
    Other software Download Sites are listed here.