Drag and Drop Makes Activation Disappear in Customer Experience


  Create Simple License with Image Drop Activation and no Internet Access
  Create Secure Computer Unique License with Image Drop Activation
  Create Customer Unique LicenseCards from LicenseCard Application
  Automatically Generate and Send LicenseCard to Customer with Safe Activation
  Use LicenseCard with AppProtect, DocProtect or AddLicense without Programming
  Use LicenseCard with QuickLicense or QLRT Xcode with Full API Programming
  Distribute Unlimited Protected Products with Royalty-Free Runtime
  Show Product Image or Company Logo in Customized LicenseCard Images

Simplify customer activation of Plugins, Applications, Libraries, Documents or other protected software.

Use LicenseCard standalone to protect Mac and Windows software written in any programming language. Generate a customer unique LicenseCard image. Your customer drops the LicenseCard onto your protected software for instant activation on any computer. A customer is reluctant to distribute their LicenseCard with personal information to other users.

Use LicenseCard with Safe Activation Service 2 or 3 to precisely control the number of computers on which your protected application can be activated. Safe Activation can automatically generate and deliver a LicenseCard by email or web page during the purchase process.

Use LicenseCard with other tools to add the advantage of drag and drop activation with protection that requires no programming. Access the complete feature set of the QuickLicense API. Communicate customer data from shopping cart through activation without any customer effort or extra typing.

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