Capture software design from source code with MacTranslator. Generate class models, CRC cards, structure charts or data models from existing code with minimal human effort.

Class Models

    MacTranslator scans code files and outputs design information to a text file. That data can be imported into MacA&D, QuickUML or QuickCRC.

    The automated process is driven be a script produced when a designer selects the programming language and project options from a step-by-step dialog.

    Object-oriented software written in C++, Java, Delphi, PHP, Xojo, Realbasic or Objective-C creates MacA&D or QuickUML class models. Diagram objects click to source code. CRC cards can be generated for QuickCRC.

Structure Charts
    Procedural code written in C, Pascal, Basic, Fortran or PHP generates structure charts. Diagrams can be automatically organized into multiple diagram levels to easily accommodate very large software systems.

    Detailed information can be extracted from the code including data types, parameter lists and descriptive comments. There are many options available to support different language dialects and customize the output.

Data Models
    MacTranslator makes it easy to generate data models from an SQL script for popular RDBMS products including Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Sybase, Informix and InterBase. It produces a dictionary entry list from the SQL that can be imported into MacA&D. Logical and physical data models can then be generated from the Dictionary.
Automated Reengineering
    MacTranslator commands can be issued interactively or from a text script. A script simplifies processing of large projects with potentially thousands of code files and folders. The Reengineer Project dialog steps the user through the process to create class diagrams, structure charts and dictionary information.
Try It On Your Project MacTranslator Data Sheet
    The MacTranslator Demo & Manual package can be used with MacA&D to experience the reengineering capabilities on your project code. Demonstration videos and examples show how to generate structure charts, class diagrams or data models from source code in minutes.
System Requirements:
    Click Here to Order MacTranslator runs on Mac OS X 10.7 or later. Single User, 5-User or Unlimited User Site Licenses are available.