Advanced Features

MarketBuddy has advanced features to handle large data sets. Extend the capabilities to multiple users or computers with a Site License edition.

  • Powerful Group Contact Management
  • Multiple Database Management
  • Database Storage on a Shared Drive
  • Click Field Collections
  • Custom Forms, Data Entry and Printing
  • Web Pages to Collect Contacts

Group Commands

    On the Groups panel, the Manage button presents the Manage Groups dialog. Each button presents a dialog for a specific command with options and a description of how the command works. These commands are optimized to process groups containing 10s of thousands of contacts.

    Use group features to split groups, merge groups, and delete or unassign contacts by group. Search group contacts for specific data, clean or default specific field values or locate matching field values between contacts in a group.

    Check a group of contacts for invalid email addresses or automatically clean email addresses by fixing common typos. Extract email addresses from a group or mark unsubscribers in a group of contacts based on an email list. Easily manage unsubscribers and undeliverable addresses.

Multiple Databases

    The Select Database on Startup option presents a menu of databases to choose from on startup. A database is stored as a single file that can reside on a shared network drive. Each database can be password protected and accessed by team members from any computer on the network.

    MarketBuddy supports large data files up to 600,000 contact records.

Click Field Collections

    Click Fields make it easy to populate web forms to publish press releases, update product directories or submit trial software. Configure a set of named text values then click to transfer data into the appropriate fields of a form presented by the Integrated Browser. In addition to simple Click Fields, MarketBuddy supports named collections of Click Fields. Create a collection of fields for each product or news release, then reuse those fields on future postings.

Custom Forms

    Forms can be used for data entry or to print data from contact records. Create as many forms as you need with controls like edit fields, popup menus, comboboxes, radio buttons and checkboxes. Add calculations, images, movies or even buttons to run applications.

    Use forms to enter or print data for customer transactions, invoices, packing lists or envelopes. Each form stores its own printer setup and page size. Load a form with data collected from a web page, print an invoice or packing list to standard 8.5 x 11 inch paper and then print address information to an envelope without changing the printer setup on each print.

Web Pages

    The Create Contact Web Page dialog generates a folder of files that can be uploaded to a web site to present a custom form to collect contact information. User entered data is emailed to you. Save that data to a text file and load it into MarketBuddy with the Find and Add Contact dialog.

    Generate web pages for brochure requests, customer feedback, order forms or other contact entry pages. No programming skills are required. Collected data can be loaded into MarketBuddy without typing.