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SafeWebApp Enables Serial Number Activation of Web Apps

Turn Web Content into a Protected, Sellable Product Activated on Specific Devices

Henderson, NV USA - June 1, 2012 - Excel Software is pleased to announce SafeWebApp, a new approach for software and Internet developers to protect, deliver and monetize web content. SafeWebApp is a free, Web App controlled browser. It supports device specific licensing, user feedback, vendor notifications and public discoverable indexes.

SafeWebApp offers an easy way to turn virtually any web content into a sellable product that can be securely licensed and delivered to specific devices for paying customers. The web content can include HTML, flash, videos, PDFs and essentially anything else that is accessible within a web browser.

In addition to turning web content into a protected, sellable app, SafeWebApp removes issues that publishers face with the typical app store approach. With SafeWebApp, publishers control their own marketplace, eliminate the time consuming submission process, process their own orders, retain all the revenue and customer data plus enhance the opportunities for customer support, interaction, subscriptions, customer accounts and additional sales.

When a customer buys a Web App, they receive the App Name, Serial Number and link for the royalty-free SafeWebApp viewer. SafeWebApp is currently available for Mac OS (Intel or PPC), Windows (XP, Vista and Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit) and Linux computers with future support planned for tablets and phones.

A customer downloads SafeWebApp, types the App Name, clicks the Add button and enters the Serial Number into the presented Activation dialog. A Web App runs like an application within the protected SafeWebApp viewer and cannot be shared with other computers or users. The Safe Activation server manages the activation process, determines which devices can run the application and prevents the content from being viewed by other web browsers. A SafeWebApp user never types or sees a URL, just a Web App name.

Each vendor controls how many computers can be activated with a Serial Number and what customer data is collected during the activation process. The vendor can allow perpetual access to the protected content or use a subscription model with reoccurring fees. Advanced licensing, order processing and customer support features in Safe Activation Service 3 are accessible to Web App publishers.

Each publisher can have an Index of Web Apps that is publicly discoverable when any customer running SafeWebApp clicks the Index button. A public index provides a title, description, picture and Info link to sell the Web App, then install it into SafeWebApp with a mouse click. SafeWebApp is also available without the Index button for publishers that sell educational courses to schools or other organizations that restrict user access.

No software purchase is required to create, publish, protect or sell Web Apps. The publisher will need an account on Safe Activation Service 3 from Excel Software which starts at $45/month. Excel Software also offers the SafeWebApp Encryptor tool for $295 that adds additional protection on some kinds of web resources like video, PDF and SWF files and can enable the ability to run Web Apps offline without Internet access.

The website has SafeWebApp download links, user and developer videos, developer resources and the complete SafeWebApp Guide to get started as a Web App developer.

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