Excel Software Price Sheet

Item Name
(use the names below to order each item)
5 User
Site License
Unlimited User
Site License
Windows Software
WinA&D Standard Product$395 $1185$2370
WinA&D Desktop Product$595 $1785$3570
WinA&D Developer Product$995 $2985$5970
WinA&D SubscriptionSee Price
WinTranslator Product$495 $1485$2970
QuickHelp Windows Product$195 $395$595
QuickLicense Standard Windows$595 $1195
QuickLicense Pro Windows$995 $1990
QuickLicense Server Windows$995
MakeDongle Windows$395
MAX Encryptor$95
AirLicense Windows$295
DocProtect Windows$495 $995
PluginFMQLRT Windows$295
PluginXojoQLRT Windows$295
LicenseSupport Windows$395
AppProtect Windows$295 $595
MarketBuddy Windows$195 $395$595
WebActivation (1 Web Server)$1995
Macintosh OS X Software
MacA&D Standard Product$395 $1185$2370
MacA&D Desktop Product$595 $1785$3570
MacA&D Developer Product$995 $2985$5970
MacA&D SubscriptionSee Price
MacTranslator Product$495 $1485$2970
QuickHelp MacOSX Product$195 $395$595
QuickLicense Standard MacOSX$595 $1195
QuickLicense Pro MacOSX$995 $1990
QLRT Xcode$495 $995
QuickLicense Server MacOSX$995
MakeDongle MacOSX$395
AirLicense MacOSX$295
DocProtect MacOSX$495 $995
PluginFMQLRT MacOSX$295
PluginXojoQLRT MacOSX$295
LicenseSupport MacOSX$395
AppProtect MacOSX$295 $595
MarketBuddy MacOSX$195 $395$595
ClickInstall MacOSX Product$395 $795
Multiple Platform Products
ExcelRT Annual Subscription (All Platforms)$295
CloudRT Product (Mac & Win)$495 $995$1495
OfficeProtect Product (Mac & Win)$395
Android License SDK (Mac & Win)$395
QuickLicenseRT Linux (Mac & Win)$395
XojoApp Desktop Edition (Mac & Win)$295 $595$895
XojoApp iOS Edition$295 $595$895
QuickLicense Standard (Mac & Win)$995 $1995
QuickLicense Pro (Mac & Win)$1695 $3390
QuickLicense Server (Mac & Win)$1695
DocProtect (Mac & Win)$795 $1595
PluginFMQLRT (Mac & Win)$495
PluginXojoQLRT (Mac & Win)$495
AppProtect (Mac & Win)$495 $995
AirLicense (Mac & Win)$495
SafeWebApp Encryptor (Mac & Win)$195
Safe Activation ServiceSee Price
Web License ServerSee Price
Cloud License ServerSee Price
Desktop License ServerSee Price
Demo and Manuals
WinA&D Demo & Manuals$95
WinTranslator Demo & Manual$50
MacA&D OSX Demo & Manuals$95
MacTranslator OSX Demo & Manual$50
QuickLicense Demo & Manual (Mac & Win)$95
QuickLicense Server Demo & Manual (Mac & Win)$95
MakeDongle Demo & Manual (Mac & Win)$95
CloudRT Demo & Manual (Mac & Win)$95
LicenseSupport Demo & Manual (Mac & Win)$95
DocProtect Demo & Manual (Mac & Win)$50
AppProtect Demo & Manual (Mac & Win)$50