for Realbasic & Xojo Developers

RbApp 3.1 Supports:

  • Realbasic 2012
  • Xojo 2013, 2014 or Later
  • Windows XP, Vista, 7 to 10
  • Mac Carbon or Cocoa



RbApp Data Sheet

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Xojo Applications Built with RbApp


Read, write and edit huge text files 100 times faster than EditField. Get more programmable control. RbEdit has Undo/Redo, Find/Replace and Print commands, tab support, runtime line wrap or no wrap, drag & drop and a configurable text font, size, color and style.

Add a powerful page layout and drawing environment to the builtin graphic routines. Draw objects with specified pen color, fill color, dashed lines, etc. and easily manage page size, orientation, number of horizontal and vertical pages, scaling, printing and scrolling of views.

Add flexible, scaleable grid controls with static text, edit field, popup menu, combobox, picture, progress bar, slider, checkboxes or radio buttons in cells. Cells properties include text font, size, color, style, background color, enabled state, local/external data, cell height and cell width.

Add line graphs, bar charts, area charts, tables, pie charts and other presentation options to your application with minimal programming.

Give your application Undo/Redo on mouse and menu commands.

Application can track the mouse, provide feedback to the user and constrain the tracking process while performing a command.


Add tool bars and palettes to Realbasic applications running on any platform. Tool palettes support active and inactive tool icons, programmable enabled and visible states of each tool and contextual online help.

Add, delete, access, move, copy, count, find, alphabetize, iterate and manage lists of strings. Save development time and boost performance.

Read and write data as XML files with speedy performance. Get the power of XML with one simple class you can understand in minutes.

Add interactive help to any Xojo or Realbasic application from commands, dialogs or buttons with simple method calls.


Get helper functions for file management, string manipulation, Mac, Windows or Linux text file conversions and a Calendar control.