MacA&D and WinA&D Report Generator

    MacA&D and WinA&D both include a built-in report generator. Dozens of standard reports are ready to run on any project.

    The report generator is fully scriptable giving users the ability to create custom reports with full control over the content and format. Reports can include diagrams, tables, requirements, dictionary information and text specifications. Every piece of data in every project document is accessible to the report generator.

    Generated reports normally use HTML for formatting. Anyone with an HTML Browser can view project reports.

    While HTML is the most common formatting language for reports, the report generator is not limited to HTML. Any text-based document can be generated including XML, comma delimited or tab delimited files. These files can be used to transfer data between applications.

    Microsoft Word can open HTML formatted reports and save them as a single .doc file. The report generator can also be used from the Requirement Matrix window. This make it easy to generate requirement documents, traceability reports and other HTML or Word documents based on user selected views and queries.

    The same scripting language used to customize reports can be used to add new features. The comprehensive scripting language includes, calculations and variables, string manipulation, branching, subroutines and source-level debugging.

    Scripting tags support retrieving images or text, looping through documents, diagrams, tables and dictionary entries or requirements. Scripts can be executed from a custom menu command or from buttons in a WinA&D dialog.