WinA&D 7.2 Student Edition

    The WinA&D student edition is available to college students at a discounted price. With full-featured support of the Standard edition, students experience the same tool used by professional software developers worldwide.

    This page describes the capabilities, purchase qualifications, order and activation process for the Student edition.

Student Edition

The student edition is delivered by electronic download and includes the software and PDF manual set that comes with the full commercial edition. A Serial Number that allows activation on one computer. Once activated, the software can be used on that computer for any purpose at any location for one year.

The Student edition includes software, examples and PDF manuals delivered by electronic download. One year after activation, the Student edition will expire and can no longer be used.

Purchase Qualifications

The Student edition price is $95 with no additional tax or shipping charge.

To qualify for the Student edition, you must currently be enrolled as a student at a college or university and be able to produce credible documentation to confirm your enrollment. A copy of your student ID or enrollment record can be used to confirm eligibility.

Student Edition


How to Order

Use a Visa, MasterCard or American Express card to order a Student edition with the secure online order form. Orders are usually processed within one business day. You will receive an email containing everything you need to download, activate and start using the software and PDF manual set.

To order from outside of the USA, first contact your credit card company to authorize a charge for the amount shown above by Excel Software in Henderson, NV USA. Some credit cards restrict purchases outside of your country unless previously authorized.

If you do not have a credit card, you can send a check or money order drawn on a US bank with a printed copy of the online order form. Send your printed order by US Mail to Excel Software, 515 N Racetrack Rd, Henderson, NV USA 89015. Please include your email address to receive the download information and allow 2 weeks for processing.

In the online order form, type the product name WinA&D Student and price $95 into the order form. Type the name, card number and expiration date of the credit card. In the Comments field, type the name of the college or university that you are currently attending to validate your qualifications for the Student edition.

Place your order using the Secure Order Form.

How to Activate

Before installing the Student edition, make sure that your computer clock is correct. If necessary, correct the time and date, then restart the computer. Never change the date after activating the Student license since this will deactivate the license. The email you receive from Excel Software when purchasing a Student edition includes everything you need to install and activate the license on one computer.

Use the password you receive to install the software. On first launch, an Activation dialog will be presented. Enter your unique ID number into the Serial Number field and type the name of the university that you are attending. Type your name, ID number and university name into the Registration dialog that is presented.


Send any questions that you may have about the purchase or activation process to Excel Software at