UML Books

The Unified Modeling Language (UML) is the industry standard notation for object-oriented analysis and design with broad-based industry support.

There are many books written on UML. Here are a couple that give a good overview of UML:

Other popular books on UML include:

The UML notation presents object-oriented software using several diagram types to represent different perspective views of the system. MacA&D and WinA&D support the full UML notation as briefly summarized here:

  • Create a use case diagram that shows the actors and use cases in a system
  • Define textual use case descriptions and traceability to related models
  • Create class and package diagrams that show the static class structure
  • Use statecharts to express class lifecycles
  • Show interactions between objects with sequence and/or collaboration diagrams
  • Create activity diagrams for workflow and parallel processing system behavior
  • Model physical deployment of the final system with deployment diagrams

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