Design Xojo Apps with UML

Xojo (formally called Realbasic) is a modern object-oriented, cross-platform language that supports component-oriented programming with classes, modules, windows and other constructs containing methods, properties and events. UML class diagrams show relationships between Xojo classes and details of each class member.

Use WinA&D or MacA&D to draw UML models enriched with Xojo language specific details, then generate the source code with one mouse click.

WinTranslator or MacTranslator scans a Xojo project file to extract design information to a text file. Import that file into MacA&D or WinA&D to generate UML class models.

Plain text source code files are also extracted for each class, window and module defined in the Xojo project file.

The automated process takes just minutes to create models from code for a large project. Diagram objects are linked to source code files for easy double-click navigation and editing.

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UML for Realbasic