UML Design Tools

MacA&D Box WinA&D Box
MacA&D and WinA&D

Use the full UML notation plus other methods like structured analysis & design, data modeling and multi-task design.

Scale large projects with distributed document architecture, team development, requirements management, system modeling with simulation and built-in report generation. Get one-click code from models or generate models from code.


QuickUML Box Design object-oriented software with a highly integrated, core set of UML models. Your entire project is presented through a multi-panel window showing use cases, class models, object models, dictionary and code.

Save your project as a platform neutral XML formatted text file. Edit and share projects from any Windows or Mac OS X computer.

UML Overview

MacA&D and WinA&D support the full 14 Diagram UML 2.2 notation. Popular diagrams include use case diagrams and descriptions, class and package diagrams, state diagrams, communication and sequence diagrams, activity diagrams and deployment diagrams.