Self Hosted License Server for Protected Web Content

    Use Web License Server to sell protected web content as an application. Each Web App you define requires Serial Number activation on a specific device and is presented within the royalty-free SafeWebApp viewer.

    Web License Server provides a self-hosted, online activation server that runs on your Linux or Windows website. Define license types, generate Serial Numbers and manage your online server from an Admin application on your Mac or Windows computer.

    Sell web based applications worldwide for use on SafeWebApp supported platforms including Mac, Windows, Linux and Android.

Web License Server

      Collect Customer Data During Activation
      Activate Product License with Serial Number
      Automate Group and Subscription Licenses
      Control Number of Activations Per Serial Number
      Allow App Add, Remove, Notification or Feedback
      Promote and Simplify User Experience with App Index
      Email Activation Data to Vendor or Customer
      Access Purchased Serial Number from Shopping Cart
      Define License Types and Serial Numbers from Admin App
      Manage Online Server from Mac or Windows Computer
      Retrieve Customer Data as Comma Delimited File
      Increase Server Capacity as Your Business Grows
Web License Server Requirements:
  • Website with Linux or Windows OS
  • Apache or IIS Web Server with PHP Support
  • Hosting Account That Can Run Executable and Read or Write Files
  • Knowledge to Create Website Directories, Copy Files and Set Permissions
    Get started today! Protect your software or documents. Setup web content, licenses and serial numbers. Give Serial Number and Web App name to each customer.