WinTranslator Demo

The WinTranslator Demo & Manual package in conjunction with WinA&D or QuickUML can be used to evaluate the reengineering capabilities of WinTranslator. The WinTranslator product can be used to extract design information from code files for use in WinA&D, QuickUML or QuickCRC. Only WinA&D and QuickUML currently support the special Demo Mode required to accept output from the WinTranslator Demo.

WinTranslator is a reengineering tool that extracts design information from code files. It saves that information to text files that are imported into WinA&D to populate the dictionary and generate diagrams including UML class diagrams, structure charts and data models.

Unlike the WinTranslator product, the Demo edition encrypts these text files so that they are not human readable and can only be imported into WinA&D or QuickUML when running in a special Demo Mode. This approach allows evaluators to reengineer their own projects and see the live results in WinA&D, but prevents saving or exporting the generated documents to disk.

Before importing files into WinA&D or QuickUML (either Demo or Product edition), you must first enable the special Demo Mode. Choose the Preferences dialog from the Option menu and then click the Demo Mode button. Click OK on the Confirmation dialog. The Demo Mode disables save, export and report generation features in WinA&D, but enables the import of encrypted files from the WinTranslator Demo.

While in Demo Mode in WinA&D, you will not be able to import non-encrypted files with the Import Dictionary or Import Child List commands. All features except for save, export and report generation features are still available allowing you to view, navigate and explore diagrams and dictionary information produced by the WinTranslator Demo.

After restarting WinA&D or QuickUML, the Demo Mode will no longer be enabled.