Protect and License Adobe Air Applications


  Protect and License Adobe Air Applications
  Give Developers Full Access to QuickLicense Runtime
  Provide ActionScript Integration Source Code
  Work with Existing Air Development Tools
  Enable Developer Customization and Optimization
  Launch External Executables with One Command
  Use Standard Air Application Installer
  Minimize Changes to User Experience
  Distribute Protected Products, Royalty-Free

The AirLicense SDK provides deployable components and an ActionScript source code file that can be dropped into any Air development project. Within minutes, a developer can access the full protection and licensing capabilities of QuickLicense with simple command strings. Most developers can simply call the Validate function and let the QuickLicense runtime handle the licensing user interface.

Try a quick demonstration of the activation process on your computer. To prepare for the demonstration, first download and install the latest version of Adobe Air.

Download the HelloAir demonstration and double-click to install. Follow the simple setup process described on first launch, enter the Activation Code and click Activate Now. This example uses a manual activation process where the required Activation Code is the same as the Request Number shown in the dialog.

Captivate To Air Once the software is activated, the Hello Air screen is presented. Quit and run it again. The activated application automatically starts running. Files cannot be copied and run from another computer without activation.

AirLicense includes the Captivate to Air PDF with step-by-step instructions and an AirWrapper.mxml file. Quickly build an Air application from an Adobe Captivate project of linked SWF files and videos.

QuickLicense supports fully automated, online activation, time or execution limited Trial licenses, software subscriptions, floating licenses, plugin protection, secure license portability, business system integration and extensive vendor customization.

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