Protect and License Android Software

Android License SDK

  Add Java Interface Files to any Android Development Project
  Apply Trial, Product or Subscription Licenses
  Get License Release, Restore, Reset or Suspend
  Remotely Enable Paid Features
  Support Manual or Automated Online Activation Process
  Customize User Experience and Support any Human Language
  Automate the Purchase and Distribution Process
  Sell Unlimited Protected Products or Licenses Royalty-Free

Supported Protection Models:
  • QuickLicense & LicenseManager

    Use QuickLicense on Mac or Windows to define a license and generate a Ticket file. LicenseManager APK runs on the Android device to implement the license defined by that Ticket.

  • Cloud License

    This approach requires Internet communication on the Android device. Cloud License does not use QuickLicense or LicenseManager. It requires Safe Activation Service 3 or Cloud License Server .

Android License SDK provides Java files and instructions for both protection models and requires some programming. To use Cloud License in your App with less programming, see the new CloudRT.

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