ExcelRT iOS

    ExcelRT is a free solution engine that runs on desktop computers and mobile devices like iPhone and iPad. Use it for personal, intra-company, industry or hobby specific solutions built with Excel workbook authoring skills. ExcelRT dramatically lowers the development effort and delivery cost for cross platform solutions.

    With ExcelRT, solutions can be created in days or weeks with modest technical skills compared to a traditional development environment that requires months or years with experienced programmers. Create solutions to quote jobs, analyze finances, record lab data, support employees or score your bridge or golf game.

    A workbook file with multiple spreadsheet like screens can be downloaded and used within ExcelRT.

    Most solutions are provided as a complete downloadable product that includes a file management screen to create, manage and open project or client specific files. A product can restrict access to authorized users. Multiple Files and Products from different vendors can be downloaded into ExcelRT.

    ExcelRT is not an authoring environment. Workbooks are authored in Microsoft Excel, then converted for use in ExcelRT. From ExcelRT, a user manages files, enters data, performs calculations or displays, shares and prints the results.

1st Time User

    To use ExcelRT, you will need to download a File or Product. Tap the Menu button and select the Download command. Here you can type a registered name or URL.

    To demonstrate, type BridgeScore and click the Download button. Tap the Menu button and select the Files command. Select the BridgeScore.ert item and click Open.

    Once you load a File or Product, you can enter or view data in the workbook. Click the button at the top left to leave or navigate to a different sheet in the workbook.


    To download a product, tap the Menu button at the top right corner of the home screen. Select the Download menu and enter the URL provided by the Product vendor. Click the Download button to install the product into ExcelRT.

    The Samples button adds a list of URLs for simple demonstration products that you can download and use to explore ExcelRT.

    To run a product, navigate to the Products screen, select it and tap Run. On first launch, an activation Serial Number may be required.

    From the Products screen, you can also release a license for use on another device or remove the product. When you run a product, the Open Data File screen is presented.

    The Open Data File screen has buttons to create and manage files displayed within that product. Use it to create a file for each client, project, quote or job the product is used for.

    Tap the top left Products button to leave the active product.

    When a multiple sheet file is opened, the default sheet is presented. Click back to the sheet panel to navigate to a different named sheet. Within a sheet, drag the screen with your finger to scroll through columns or rows. Use the Zoom In or Zoom Out commands to see details or an overview. Tap twice on a cell to change the value by typing, sliding a control or selecting from a menu.


    An Excel workbook can be converted into a protected, licensed application that runs on almost any computer or device. Author your workbook using Microsoft Excel on Mac or Windows. Use ConvertExcelRT on Windows to convert it to an ExcelRT file.

    An ExcelRT file can be stored as an XML or ERT file. As a developer, you can test it in ExcelRT running on different desktop or mobile platforms before you make a complete product for distribution to customers.

    Upload an XML or ERT file to your website. To download the file into ExcelRT on your iPhone or iPad, tap the Menu button at the top right corner of your home screen. Select the Download menu and enter the URL of your file. Click the Download button.

    Choose the File command from the Menu to see a list of downloaded files stored in ExcelRT. From this screen you can open, rename or delete files.

    Excel Software provides tools to convert an Excel workbook to an ExcelRT file or productize your solution for distribution to users.