Marketing Automation with MarketBuddy

Batch Email  Fill Web Forms

Manage email lists by adding, removing and cleaning addresses.

Distribute press releases, newsletters, announcements or other marketing communication with uniquely customized and precisely targeted email.

Fill web forms without typing. Create a collection of named click fields (name and text).

View web pages through the integrated browser and click a field name then an entry field on the web page to transfer in the data.

Publish News, Papers and Info  Post Trial Editions

Add news releases to free PR distribution sites. Publish white papers that inform potential customers about your product or service. Update product descriptions in online directories.

Use MarketBuddy to organize and manage site URLs and post data with click field collections.

If you develop software, spreadsheets, PDF documents of multimedia applications, you can post Trial editions to hundreds of download sites.

Generate protected, time-limited editions of your software or documents with QuickLicense or DocProtect.

Manage Contacts  Business Forms

Manage and group contact records with phone, email, URLs, notes and custom fields.

Compare contacts with automated commands to merge, clean and remove duplicates. Automatically retain the history of each email sent or web page posted. Search contact history to track activities.

Create custom business forms like invoices, packing slips and labels with custom icons, colors and data from contact records.

Fill form fields without typing from data in a text file or email message.

Import and Export  Collect Leads

Import and export contact data to spreadsheets, databases or other applications with simple comma separated data files.

With MarketBuddy, control the specific group or selection of contacts and fields to export. Map field names during the import process.

Keep a steady stream of leads flowing to your company. Generate automated web pages that collect feedback, mailing addresses for brochures and requests for quotes.

User entered data is emailed to you and imported as contact records without typing.