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Excel Software Announced Cloud Sharing
Accounts for Developer Apps

Add a Cloud Sharing account to Excel, Access or ExcelRT based Apps

Henderson, NV USA - September 16, 2020 - Excel Software announced the Cloud Sharing service for developer created Apps. Cloud Sharing is an online service used to store and share files between users of an Excel, Access or ExcelRT based application. A developer can offer Cloud Sharing accounts to customers as a feature included with their product or as a value added service they sell.

A Cloud Sharing account is private space in the cloud where an App user or team of users can store and share files between desktop, mobile and browser based applications. Each Cloud Sharing account is assigned a CloudID, Read and Write password. A user can allow others to upload or delete files in their account or just give out the Read password to view and download files.

QuickLicense can build a licensed App containing a built-in file manager from an Excel, Access or ExcelRT workbook file. The Cloud button in the file manager window is a convenient way to access one or more Cloud Sharing accounts. It presents a dialog listing files associated with that App and buttons to access those files. Click the Setup button to link an App to a Cloud Sharing account in seconds. Easily upload or download workbook files from the App with a button click.

Developers can use programming or script commands within an application to easily upload or download CSV, PDF, image, text, video or other file types stored in a Cloud Sharing account. Collect usage statistics from App users, periodically update a CSV file of changing data or present sample files to clients.

Cloud Sharing accounts are typically assigned and distributed to users by the App developer using an online Vendor account or through an automated purchase process driven by the Safe Activation service. The power of Cloud Sharing is the built in simplicity.

A free Cloud Sharing app can be downloaded to any Mac or Windows computer or freely distributed by developers. Upload, download, delete or view files in any linked Cloud Sharing account. Enter credentials for multiple Cloud Sharing accounts to toggle between them.

Cloud Sharing is an online service used by an App developer to provide private cloud storage and file sharing within their Apps. The cost starting at $5/month for a batch of user accounts is based on the number of user accounts and maximum number of files and file size supported by each account.

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