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Excel Software Ships Self-Hosted, Payment License Server

Automate the PayPal or Stripe Order and Delivery Process

July 25, 2022 - Excel Software announced Payment License Server to automate the PayPal or Stripe order and delivery process for digital products and subscriptions. Payment License Server consists of an Admin application on a macOS or Windows computer that communicates with a server executable on your own VPS or dedicated Linux or Windows server.

A fully automated purchase and delivery process typically costs many thousands of dollars and requires advanced programming skills. Developers must learn complex APIs, spend months on backend programming and debugging or pay ongoing ecommerce fees. Payment License Server is a one time purchase that runs on your own server. Fill in some screens, upload some files, set permissions and start selling.

Payment License Server integrates with either Desktop License Server or Cloud License Server. Desktop License Server provides online Serial Number activation for desktop applications running on macOS, Windows or Linux. It works with many licensing tools including QuickLicense, AppProtect or DocProtect. Cloud License Server is an Internet based licensing system that can be used with virtually any desktop or mobile application. It provides online Serial Number activation of Trial, Product, Try/Buy or Subscription licensing.

Product or Subscription Buy buttons are created within a free PayPal or Stripe account to handle credit card purchases. Those buttons are linked to a purchase record within Payment License Server to automate the purchase process. A customer transaction is created and the assigned Serial Number delivered to the customer by email or directly from the download page. Automate recurring charges for a monthly or annual subscription. The customer or vendor can cancel the subscription payment and automatically disable the licensed application on the customer computer.

Payment License Server makes it easy to sell multiple editions of a product with a single downloadable installer. With feature flags assigned during the purchase process and delivered to the local application, software can present different editions such as Lite, Standard or Pro. Additional reports or custom features can be independently purchased and enabled for an existing Serial Number. Simplify the customer experience and reduce the cost of maintaining multiple builds of each application.

Payment License Server makes it easy to sell additional computer activations of a purchased product or subscription. When using Stripe, incoming payments can be split between Vendor, Developer or Reseller. There is also a customer portal to self manage credit card data for an ongoing subscription.

The Admin application for Payment License Server runs on a macOS or Windows computer. Setup a purchase record to manage each product, subscription or added feature you want to sell. The vendor can review transactions, purchased features or modify information associated with each customer Serial Number. Live purchase data can be retrieved to a CSV file.

Payment License Server can be linked to an external email server like gmail, yahoo or a company email system. During the purchase process, a customized email message can be delivered to the customer with a Serial Number, download link, instructions or other order data.

Payment License Server includes server executables for Windows, 32-bit Linux and 64-bit Linux servers. The Admin application runs on Windows 7 to 11 or macOS 10.3 or later. The macOS edition is a universal binary that runs native on Intel or ARM based computers.

A dedicated server or VPS type hosting account is required to run the server executable for Payment License Server. The server is available as a lifetime purchase with a scaleable price based on the database size of the server. The total cost for a vendor starts at $495 up to a few thousand dollars based on the required database size. The database size can be upgraded in minutes to handle more purchase types and transactions. Payment License Server includes a User Guide, demonstration videos and free phone or email support.

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