PDF DRM Protection

Protect and manage PDFs with DocProtect. Use Adobe Acrobat to save your PDF file without copy and paste privileges. Build a protected Mac or Windows application in seconds that embeds your PDF file.

The protected application presents your PDF with Adobe Reader in a manner that restricts save, print and share features.

Build a Mac or Windows
Application from a PDF File

On first open of your protected PDF document, a computer unique password is required. To automate the activation process, give each customer a Serial Number at the time of purchase that grants them X computer activations through an online activation server.

Protect and License Application
with Computer Unique Activation

Together, DocProtect and QuickLicense add additional license types and advanced features like license release, restore, reset, suspend and subscriptions. Automate the evaluation, purchase and activation process with a Try, Buy and Register dialog.

Give customers instant 24x7 access to protected PDFs using Safe Activation, WebActivation, Desktop License Server.

Implement a semi-automated activation web page with the built-in capabilities of QuickLicense Pro.

Need a corporate solution for hundreds of users? Build a floating license server in minutes that runs on a company network using QuickLicense Server.