PDF DRM Protection

Protect and manage PDFs with DocProtect. Wrap a PDF into a licensed application for macOS or Windows that can be used offline. When configuring your app, assign a custom Window size or resize options plus the licensing options you wish to apply.

To use this approach on Windows or macOS with an Intel processor, Adobe Reader must be installed on the computer. The PDF is presented in a viewing window that restricts save, print and share features.

Apple Silicon computers have PDF viewing capabilities built into the OS so Adobe Reader is not required.

Build Licensed Viewer for Online PDFs

Store one or more PDF files on your website and allows them to be presented within a secure, licensed viewer App. Apply an online or offline activation process to your App. Only licensed users can view your PDF files. The same App can reference multiple PDFs with a popup index menu to select a specific file.

This approach requires that the user has Internet access. It gives you the added flexibility to modify PDFs on the server without requiring the user to download or activate the App again.

Protect and License Application
with Computer Unique Activation

On first open of your protected PDF document, offline, online or Dongle activation can be required. Use DocProtect alone or together with QuickLicense.

QuickLicense adds additional license types and advanced features like license release, restore, reset, suspend and subscriptions. Automate the evaluation, purchase and activation process with a Try, Buy and Activate dialog.

Give customers instant 24x7 access to protected PDFs using Safe Activation, WebActivation, Desktop License Server.

Need a corporate solution for hundreds of users? Build a floating license server in minutes that runs on a company network using QuickLicense Server.