QuickHelp MacOSX

Help Authoring Made Easy

    Use QuickHelp to author and deploy application help to any Mac OS X or Windows computer.

    QuickHelp has the unique ability to author, manage and test your help system in a single tabbed window running on your platform of choice, then use the help system on any computer.

    Eliminate complex HTML tag editing, cumbersome topic management and different authoring and deployment approaches for each platform. Start creating help in minutes, with no programming experience required.

Platform Neutral Format with Conditional Presentation
    QuickHelp includes a Builder to author the help system and royalty-free viewer executables to deploy it with your application. Help information is stored in one platform neutral XML file. The help file can include conditional topics and text to present a customized user experience based on the specific computer platform or product edition in which it is used. Developers can parameterize topics, actions, tables and other aspects of the help system when installing or running their application.

Professional End-User Help
    For the end-user, QuickHelp supports contextual help from any application completed with a table of contents, index with automatic search field, word searches across topics and professionally presented help pages. From the Contents panel, view, expand or collapse topics. Click links to navigate between topics, play movies, popup descriptions or launch application commands. The Forward and backward buttons navigate through recently viewed topics.

    Help can be viewed with the QuickHelpRT viewer running as an application or presented as a window within your application.

Author Help in Minutes
    QuickHelp can substantially reduce the time required to create and maintain a professional help system for any application. It combines the Contents and Index panels with the Edit and General panels for editing the help file. The Edit panel is used to add, edit, delete or move topics within the Contents tree. Formatted text, lists, images, tables, actions and links between topics can be quickly added.

    No programming experience is required to author help. The tool automatically maintains the table of contents, index, search capabilities and link management, allowing the author to focus on the product information. The end user's presentation can be viewed at any time during the authoring process.

Help to PDF
    Generate a PDF book, complete with table of contents and index, from your help system with one command.

User Initiated Actions
    Your help system can have user initiated actions. Actions can popup messages, link to different topics based on platform, launch applications, present web pages, play movies, run COM methods, apple events, AppleScripts or paste text into the clipboard. Actions are initiated when the user clicks on words, table cells or areas of an image.

Easy Maintenance
    Automate administrative activities like maintaining links between topics, reordering topics and locating bad links, missing indexes, tables, actions or images. With its intuitive design, a developer is productive in minutes. At any time, the developer can see and use the same working help system that the end-user will see by simply clicking the Contents or Index panel.

Merge Help
    Use the Merge Help tool to allow multiple people to author help, then merge their files into an integrated help file for distribution. The table of contents, index, tables, actions, lists and image library of two help files are integrated into one file. Common help topics can be authored and maintained once, then merged into the main help file for different products.

Convert Language
    Use the Convert Language tool to simplify the help authoring process for multiple human languages. Export a Translation file from an existing help file. Send this Unicode text file to a person with a word processor. Translate text strings from the original to the new language. Import the completed Translation file to apply translated text strings to the selected help file.

System Requirements:
    QuickHelp MacOSX runs on Mac OS X 10.9 or later.

    QuickHelp Data Sheet Single User, 5-User Site and Unlimited User Site Licenses are available. Click the QuickHelp Builder image to the right to see it full screen.

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