Safe Activation for Web Apps

Safe Activation Automates Web App Publishing

  • Name Web App and Customize SafeWebApp Options
  • Select Data Fields Collected During Activation
  • Publicize Web Apps with Public Index and Info Pages
  • Manage Customer Trials, Licenses or Subscriptions
  • Get Email from Integrated User Feedback System
  • Notify Users of Enhancements or Subscription Status
  • Use Built-In or Integrate with any Shopping Cart
  • Present Order Summary with Serial Numbers/Download
  • Integrate any Payment Processor with Licensing System
  • Offer Customer Accounts with Order and License Status
  • Automate with Event Driven Emails and Notifications
   How to Get a Safe Activation Vendor Account

    Safe Activation Service Web Apps are configured from a vendor account on Safe Activation. Start with a small account on Service 3 and upgrade to a larger account as sales grow.

    Each Safe Activation Service Plan has no setup, cancellation or upgrade fee. The Safe Activation service includes online help, free phone and email support. An account includes free demonstration videos on how to setup serial number based activation and automate the order process.

    Click Here to Order Order online or phone 702-445-7645.