Safe Activation Service 1

Vendor Login
    Use the Safe Activation service with QuickLicense, AppProtect or DocProtect for secure, flexible license activation. Safe Activation is an online service where vendors can log into their account to setup product information or manage customer licenses.

    Vendor account data presents a web page for product activations. When a protected application is initially launched, the activation web page allows the customer to register the product and receive an instant Activation Code.

Product Edit

    The Safe Activation service is convenient for both vendors and customers. Use the Vendor account to customize and manage activations for any number of products or licenses with no web site programming needed.

    The vendor has Internet access to product and customer information any time from anywhere in the world. Customers can instantly register and activate products or trialware. No Internet connection is required to use or protect an activated license.

Serial Numbers
    A vendor can issue Serial Numbers to that control how many computer activations are allowed for each license. Activation pages can be customized to collect customer information, add a company logo, formatting options or web site links.

Customer Activations
    Activation pages can be presented directly on the vendor's web site, although no web site is required. For an Internet connected computer, an activation dialog can collect user data, send it to Safe Activation, retrieve the Activation Code and activate the application without a web browser.

    Vendors can view, search and retrieve customer and license information for products, Software Subscriptions or Trialware from any web browser. Vendor's can backup and restore their account information and upload or download account data to their computer.

Safe Activation Service 2 adds advanced features like dynamic and floating licenses, automated software subscriptions and feature delivery, shopping cart access, notifications, plus license release, restore, suspend and reset.

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