Cloud Apps from Your Website



SafeWebApp is an easy, secure way to distribute or consume digital content. Use it for education, work or play to access online training, videos, eBooks, applications or games from your favorite computer or device.

SafeWebApp feels like a web browser without URLs. The source of HTML pages is never exposed. Type an App name and it is added to the List panel and plays within the View panel.

Concepts like downloading, installing, locating and running an App melt into the background. The user simply adds and uses your content.

SafeWebApp Android A familar user experience is available on Mac, Windows or Linux computers and Android phones or tablets.

Add, remove or start apps from the List panel. Each app is shown in the list. Select one to see its icon or double-click to run.

Protected Apps prompt for device specific Serial Number activation to ensure exclusive access to paid users.

SafeWebApp Android Build apps from video, EPUB, PDF, SWF, HTML or other web technologies. Some apps can run offline. Others offer an interactive, live experience.

Publishers can provide an Index for users to learn about each App and add one by simply clicking its name.

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