SafeWebApp Developers

SafeWebApp Configure Apps To Sell
  • Store Web Pages in Hidden Folder on Web Site
  • Upload the SafeWebApp Security File to Folder
  • Alternatively, generate encrypted content with DocProtect
  • Register Apps on Safe Activation or self-hosted Web License Server
  • Setup Serial Number Activation for Paid Apps on Server
  • Sell a Serial Number for Each App to each Customer
  • Promote Your Apps Free with a Private or Public Index
Customer Activation
  • Buy Serial Number for Your App
  • Download and Launch SafeWebApp
  • Enter App Name and Serial Number
   Customer Experience
  • Launch SafeWebApp
  • Doubleclick App Name to Run
  • Discover Apps on an Index
Try Your Content
    Test unprotected web pages in SafeWebApp
    without a Safe Activation account. Type URL
    starting with http into Name field and click Add.

An App publisher determines what users and devices can run an application within the controlled SafeWebApp environment.

Content authors require no target device programming experience. Use web page development skills to create Web Apps. Alternatively, DocProtect can generate an encrypted app for you from popular formats like MP4, EPUB, PDF or HTML files.

   Download SafeWebApp, type AnimalTricks and click Add. This Index has example Apps to illustrate the user experience.

Grab the SafeWebApp Guide to create and sell your own Apps. The SafeWebApp for eBooks paper shows how to create Apps with DocProtect.

See the Frequently Asked Questions.

   Developer Resources