SafeWebApp Document Viewer

    Use the SafeWebApp viewer to expand the supported platforms and delivery options for protected documents created with DocProtect. DocProtect can generate a SWAD file (SafeWebApp Document) that embeds a video, PDF, SWF, EPUB or HTML collection.

    SafeWebApp is a free viewer application for Mac, Windows, Linux and Android devices. Future editions are planned for iPhone and iPad.

Platform and Delivery Options

    SafeWebApp currently supports SWAD files on Mac, Windows, Linux and Android. SWAD files can be delivered to a customer computer using several methods. Usually its delivered directly by Safe Activation or Web License Server running on your website.

    On a Mac, Windows, Linux computer, its also possible to deliver the SWAD file by CD or download from your site, then present it within SafeWebApp.

Automate Online Activation

    Safe Activation or Web License Server handles the Serial Number based activation process for a protected document on a specific device. A vendor can support different license types, collect customer data during activation, automate the order process and manage licenses through an online server.