Thousands of system analysts, software designers and programmers worldwide use WinA&D. Large organizations with site licenses include Lockheed-Martin, Allison Transmission, GM, General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman and Texaco.

    • System Models & Simulation
    • Requirements Management
    • Software Design
    • Business Process Models
    • Screen Prototypes
    • Code Generation from Models
    • Models from Code
    • Team Development
    • Custom Project Reports
    • Flowcharts

    WinA&D comes in several product editions. Compare features in each edition and supported models. Capabilities include Requirements Management, UML, SASD, BPMN, Flowcharts, System Models, Data Models and Code Generation.

    Screen Edition

      The Screen edition is a tool for drawing screen prototypes or wireframes.

      • Desktop Applications
      • Mobile Apps
      • Enterprise Software
      • Websites

      Draw screens containing text, fields, controls, buttons, menus and organizers. Connect screens, dialogs and popovers with buttons and menu comands. Include video, sound, embedded web pages, hover actions and clickable regions. Add scripts for dynamic behavior.

      Click the Browse tool to instantly bring the prototype to life.

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    Standard Edition

      The Standard edition is a software design tool for drawing process (DFD), data (ERD) and class models. These are the most popular models in structured analysis & design, information modeling and UML.

      It supports code generation, integrated code browsing, linked text specifications or foreign documents and data dictionary. Use it with WinTranslator to generate diagrams from source code.

      • Data Flow Diagrams
      • Data Models
      • Class Diagrams
      • Data Dictionary

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    Desktop Edition

      The Desktop edition adds state, structure and object models to the Standard edition. Use Flowcharts to document an algorithm or Business Process Models to communicate any business process. Other capabilities include standard and scriptable HTML reports, inheritance graphs and a rich UML modeling and code generation environment for Ada.

      • Structure Charts
      • Flow Charts
      • State Diagrams & Tables
      • Object Models (Sequence, Communication, etc)
      • Business Process Models
      • Scriptable Report Generator

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    Developer Edition

      The Developer edition adds to the capabilities of the Desktop edition:

      • Task Models (System Architecture, Multi-Task Design and Deployment)
      • Causal Loop Diagrams with Simulation and Dynamic Charts
      • Requirements Management, Use Cases and Traceability
      • Multiple Dictionary or Requirement Documents per Project
      • Team Dictionary (Shared Multi-User Access) in Site License
      • Team Requirements (Shared Multi-User Access) in Site License

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    Demo and Trial Editions

      WinA&D Demo & Manuals

        Explore all models and methods with the WinA&D Demo & Manuals edition. Use it on any computer for as long as needed, then deduct the Demo price when upgrading to the Standard, Desktop or Developer product. Full Developer edition features are included with a limited Save command.

        Sample projects illustrate popular methods with step-by-step printed tutorials. The package includes the full 7-Manual set. With no timeouts, crippled features or missing documentation, see the full potential of WinA&D for your projects.

      WinA&D Screen Trial

        Try the Screen edition free for 10 days.

Demonstration Videos

    Visit the free Video Library and learn to draw Data Flow diagrams, UML diagrams, Flowcharts, Business Process Models, Screen prototypes, manage requirements or simulate dynamic system models.

Student Editions

    Student editions are available to anyone currently enrolled at a university. Learn more about the Student Edition....

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