Mac OS X Products

Draw and browse screen prototypes for applications or websites. Design software with UML 2.2, Structured Analysis & Design, Business Process Models, Data Models and real-time design.

Integrate System Models, Requirements Management, global dictionary, Code Generation and custom reports.

Generate MacA&D diagrams and dictionary from source code. Partition large systems into multiple diagrams linked to code.

Generate data models from SQL. Get UML class models from C++, Java, Delphi, Objective-C, Xojo, Realbasic or PHP. Create structure charts from C, Pascal, Basic, Fortran or PHP code.

Design software with a highly integrated, core set of UML models.

This tool takes minutes to learn and can be applied to almost any object-oriented project. The tight focus and ease-of-use makes it well suited for Agile development methods.

Create CRC cards (class, responsibility, collaboration) and design scenarios (object interactions) for an object-oriented design project.

CRC card data can generate UML class models in MacA&D. Auto-generate CRC cards from source code with MacTranslator.

Create, maintain and deploy application help for both Mac OS X and Windows from one help file.

Present contents, searchable index and topics, formatted pages with images, tables and colored text, user initiated actions, hyperlinks and contextual help.

Protect software, create Product and Trial editions and manage software subscriptions.

Activate any product for a specific computer, create time or execution limited licenses, manage software subscriptions and collect customer data.

QLRT Xcode
QuickLicense Server
Protect software developed with Apple's Xcode.

Drop the static library and interface file into your project. Instanciate an Objective-C class and call the send function with any command from the QuickLicense runtime library.

Build a floating license server for your applications with little or no programming.

Allow customers to run your application from any computer in their network. You control the number of active licenses.

Protect documents and increase sales. Ensure only licensed customers can use Mac OS X and Windows documents.

Protect HTML projects, image collections, video and audio files, PDFs and Excel spreadsheets. Use DocProtect independently or with QuickLicense.

Now anyone can protect a compiled application in minutes without programming.

The compiled application is wrapped with an activation process that presents a computer specific Enter Password or Enter Serial Number dialog.

Simplify management of customer licenses for protected applications or documents.

A customer support person can safely provide an activation code, reset a license, block an activated license before issuing a refund or change the number of allowed activations for a serial number.

Add a collection of reusable classes (no plugins) for building solid Xojo or Realbasic applications in less time.

RbApp includes RbGRid, RbChart, RbEdit, RbView, RbCommand, RbPalette, RbStringList, RbXML, RbHelp and RbLibrary.

Reduce the human effort to market a product or service. Access the power and worldwide reach of the Internet.

Manage contacts, distribute customized email or newsletters, fill forms, post news, press releases, trial software or product information to web sites.

Create a professional software installer in minutes.

Create a compressed, password-protected, self-extracting installer that double-clicks to run from CD or after a web download.

Drop-in components to integrate an Adobe Air application to the QuickLicense runtime.

Configure any license type and activation process within QuickLicense. Call an ActionScript function to validate the license.

Safeguard Microsoft Office documents with a secure software license.

Authors that sell Excel spreadsheets, Macros or Add-Ins for Excel, Word or PowerPoint can ensure that only licensed users can activate and use the protected documents.

Android License SDK
Use LicenseCard to protect Mac and Windows software.

Give each buyer a customized LicenseCard image by web page or email attachment.

The customer drops LicenseCard on your protected software for instant activation.

Add Java and Ticket files to an Android development project to quickly enable QuickLicense protection and licensing.

Configure the license type and activation process in QuickLicense. The royalty-free LicenseManager provides the Android user interface and license validation.

Drop a plugin into FileMaker to add the QuickLicense runtime. Send commands to the runtime with a simple function call.

Protect FileMaker applications with Product, Trial, Try/Buy, Subscription or Floating licenses configured with QuickLicense.

Drop a plugin into Xojo to add the QuickLicense runtime. Send commands to the runtime with a simple function call.

Protect Xojo applications with Product, Trial, Try/Buy, Subscription or Floating licenses configured with QuickLicense.

PluginProtect Photoshop
Web License Server
Protect a Photoshop plugin with the QuickLicense system. Send commands to the runtime with a simple function call.

Protect your Mac or Windows plugin with a Product, Trial, Try/Buy, Subscription or Floating licenses.

Web License Server runs on your Linux or Windows website to activate and manage applications presented by SafeWebApp.

Sell protected web content to anyone with Internet access while preventing your HTML, image, video and scripting files to be viewed in a standard browser.

Cloud License Server
Desktop License Server
Cloud License Server runs on your Linux or Windows website to activate and manage protected software licenses. Use Cloud License API for mobile or desktop applications with Internet access.

Desktop License Server runs on your Linux or Windows website. Manage software and document licenses protected with QuickLicense, AppProtect or DocProtect.
QuickLicenseRT Linux
Add QuickLicense protection and licensing features to software running on Linux desktop computers. Use QuickLicense MacOSX to define a license. Call QuickLicenseRT in your Linux software to bind it to that license.

MakeDongle creates USB dongles that protect Mac, Windows or Linux software. Use it standalone or with QuickLicense, AppProtect or DocProtect.

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