Build an Android App with DocProtect

Generate Android App from HTML with DocProtect

Create Content

Create Content

Use familiar HTML editing tools and technologies to create the content for your app. The folder containing your App may hold many files and nested folders.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Images
  • JavaScript


Select Options

Build Android App with DocProtect Use DocProtect on Mac or Windows to name your application and select a folder of HTML files. Select the main HTML file within that folder.

On the Android panel, select an image for a splash screen and another for the application icon.


Protect and License

Your Android app can be free. You can also add protection and licensing features to sell it and restrict access to paid customers.

Apply a Trial, Product or Subscription license using online activation for each device. You can allow users to download a time-limited Trial for free, then buy a Serial Number to activate the Product or Subscription.

Add some data to your online Safe Activation account or self-host Cloud License Server on your own website to automate the activation process.

Output Project

Output Project Source

Generate Android Project Source from HTML Generate the full Android Project source code with one button click from DocProtect.

Download the free Android Studio and open your generated Android Project source folder.

If you are a programmer, you could make customizations but none are required.

Generate APK

Generate Android App

Android App Choose the Generate Signed APK command from the Build menu in Android Studio and step through a few screens to code sign your application.

An Android app (.apk file) with your own custom icon and content is ready for use. Now that was easy!


Test, Distribute and Sell

Activate App to Android device Upload the APK file to your website or an App Store.

Download, install and test on your device. Now announce your App to the world!

When selling an app, give the customer a Serial Number. The app must be activated to a specific device. The app is controlled by the conditions of your license.

Link Paypal, Stripe or an online store front like Shopify to Safe Activation for a fully automated credit card purchase, delivery, online Serial Number activation process.

Learn more from the Generate Android App paper and DocProtect.