Software Solutions

Software Modeling

Software Development

  • ClickInstall MacOSX - Mac Software Install Builder
  • ClickInstall Windows - Windows Software Install Builder
  • XojoApp - Reusable Classes for Xojo Desktop and iOS Apps
  • ExcelRT - Generate Standalone Apps from MS Excel Workbook
  • ExcelRT Cloud - Run ExcelRT Apps in a Browser
  • Cloud Sharing - Give App Users Private Cloud Storage and File Sharing
  • AllowApps - Restore Download from Anywhere option on macOS Sierra or Later - Free
  • CheckApp - Check the native architecture of a macOS App - Free
  • BuildAppImage - Distribute a Desktop App to Linux Computers - Free

Software Protection & Licensing

  • QuickLicense - Software License Protection and Management
  • QLRT Xcode - QuickLicense Runtime for Xcode (64-bit x86, ARM or Universal)
  • QuickLicense Server - Build a Floating License Server
  • DocProtect - Wrap Documents into a Mac or Windows App with Licensing
  • OfficeProtect - Protect Excel and Access Documents
  • ExcelCL - Protect an Excel workbook for a Corporate Environment
  • MaxEncryptor - Encrypt Application Code Created with MAX Programming Tools
  • LicenseSupport - License Management Tool and Safe Activation API
  • AppProtect - Application Protection in Minutes
  • PluginFMQLRT - Protect FileMaker Applications with Plugin for QuickLicense
  • PluginXojoQLRT - Protect Xojo Applications with Plugin for QuickLicense
  • PluginProtect Photoshop - Protect and License Photoshop Plugins - Free
  • Cloud License - Protect and License Software on Mobile Phones and Tablets
  • CloudRT - Cloud License runtime file for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows OS
  • PhoneGap CloudRT - Protect and License PhoneGap Cordova Apps for iOS or Android - Free
  • QuickLicenseRT Linux - Protect and License Linux Desktop Software
  • DocProtect Linux - Wrap Documents into a Linux Desktop App with Licensing
  • MakeDongle - Protect Mac, Windows or Linux Software with a USB Dongle

Online Sales, Activation and Licensing

  • Safe Activation - Online Software Activation and Licensing Service
  • WebActivation - Self-Hosted Activation on Windows Web Server
  • Cloud License Server - Scaleable, Self-Hosted Server on Linux or Windows for Cloud License
  • Desktop License Server - Scaleable, Self-Hosted Server for QuickLicense, AppProtect or DocProtect
  • Payment License Server - Automate the PayPal or Stripe Order and Delivery Process
  • ShipIt - Sell on Your Website Without an Online Merchant Account - Free
  • Shopping Cart - Process Orders, Assign Serial Numbers and Deliver Secure Digital Products
Learn about protection and licensing tools for almost any development environment.