Delphi & C++ Builder Resources

To build software, programmers use a development tool like Delphi or C++ Builder from Embarcadero.

To build a profitable business, additional resources are often needed to design, protect, license and deploy the applications.

Learn more about the tools available for Delphi, C++ Builder and InterBase projects:

WinA&D Delphi Software Design

    Use WinA&D to design software with UML diagrams, then click to generate Delphi code. Each UML class in the diagram creates a Delphi class definition with empty function frames that include function parameters and return types.

    Capture software design from Delphi or C++ Builder source code with WinTranslator. Quickly visualize the class structure, functions and attributes of each class.

    Generate class models, structure charts or data models in WinA&D from existing code with minimal human effort. Navigate through the graphic design and click directly to source code with the integrate code browser.

Delphi Protection and Licensing

    Protect software with computer specific activation. Learn more...

    Configure and apply almost any type of license (Time-Limited Trial, Product, Try/Buy or Subscription) or activation process (Offline, Online, Dongle) to any kind of software (Application, DLL, etc). Learn more...

    Use QuickLicense to protect and license your Delphi application. Use the included AddLicense tool to wrap the application with a configured license or call the runtime API with a few lines of added source code.

    An Examples document includes source code for use in your 32-bit or 64-bit Delphi or C++ Builder application.

Software Deployment