ClickInstall Windows

Windows App Software Installer

Create a professional 32 or 64-bit Windows software installer in minutes. Make installers for any number of products or customers with a no-nonsense, one-time purchase. Automate each step of the build process. Code sign your applications and the installer itself.

Reduce development time and support costs. Install from CD, after download or from a web browser. Give users, web browsers, Smart Screen and virus scanners confidence in your custom branded, code signed install process.

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Make a great first impression with ClickInstall!

To build an installer in minutes, organize files and folders within a source folder.
Customize the install process with features below.

  • Compress Setup file for smaller size and fast download. Installer screen built with ClickInstall
  • Create custom installer that runs from CD or download.
  • Full MSI compliance for install and automated uninstall.
  • Code Sign apps, libraries and the installer itself.
  • Install to Program Files (x86) or Program Files directory.
  • Include Uninstall button or uninstall from Control panel.
  • Generate Desktop or Start Menu shortcuts.
  • Add License Agreement, password or require activation.
  • Add logo, background images and custom installer icon.
  • Display web link or custom text in installer window.
  • Use HTML tags to style, color and format text.
  • Include button to present help or release notes.
  • Run custom executable before or after install.
  • Delete Setup file or folder after install.
  • Run custom executable before uninstall.
  • Customize titles, buttons and text for any language.
  • Present stylized Pre or Post install messages.
  • Take user to a web page when install is complete.
  • Check minimum OS or RAM requirements before install.
  • Present OS specific message before install.
  • Store each installer setup in a separate record.
  • Rebuild a batch of installers with one button click.
  • Support huge installations with an external MSI file.
  • Copy installed files to various locations on disk.
  • Conditionally copy files to target locations.
  • Create shortcuts, registry entries and file associations.
  • Copy or delete files or folders with script commands.
  • Run shell commands during the install process.
  • Distribute unlimited royalty-free installers.

System Requirements & Licensing:
    ClickInstall Windows runs on Windows 10 or 11 computer.

    ClickInstall generates an MSI (Microsoft Software Installer) compliant installer compatible with Windows 8.1 to 11.

    A Single User or 5-User Site License is available. A Single license can build multiple installers for distribution to unlimited users.

    With a 5-User License, put ClickInstall on several computers for use by different developers. Create separate installer record databases to simplify language customizations or manage large numbers of installers.

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