QuickLicense Mac and Windows License Protection

Protect & License Software

Billions in revenue are lost each year due to unauthorized software use. Without protection, software is often used on multiple computers without a paid license or distributed to others.

Most in-house security schemes are easily defeated by a hacker with a devious mind. There's a cottage industry of tools, blogs, cracked applications and tutorials to rob your investment. QuickLicense offers a cost-effective, proven solution built on years of R&D.

QuickLicense combines protection, flexibility and user convenience to prevent software piracy and manage any software license. Configure many license types and advanced features with a few mouse clicks, then bind the license to your software with minimal or no programming.

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Protect Apps, Plugins, DLLs and other software on Mac, Windows or Linux computers. QuickLicense works with other tools to protect spreadsheets, videos, PDFs, images, games, eBooks and other digital products.

Use QuickLicense for Product, Subscription or Trial licenses. Call the runtime API from a programming or scripting language. Bind the configured license to your software with a single command or access advanced features in the runtime. Use AddLicense to wrap compiled applications without programming.

  • Quick
    • Save Time with a Proven Solution Used by Millions Worldwide
    • Access Years of License Technology Development
    • Change License Types and Options without Programming
    • Integrate Protection, License Management and Order Processing
  • Secure
    • Activate Software for Specific Computers
    • Block Licenses Before Issuing Refunds
    • Remotely Suspend Unpaid Licenses
    • Get Nested Layers of Protection to Disable Hackers
    • Use Protection That is Vendor, Product and Computer Specific
    • Support the latest SSL protocols for the modern Internet
  • Flexible
    • Facilitate Shrink-wrapped, Electronic Download or Software Subscriptions
    • License any Consumer, Business or Shareware Application
    • Use with Applications Written in any Programming Language
    • Protect Spreadsheets, Plugins, eBooks, Games or Multimedia Content
    • Support Human Controlled or Automated Sales or Activation Process
    • Enable Additional Paid Features in an Activated License
  • Powerful
    • Limit Application Use By Time or Executions
    • Change the Expiration Date of Timed License with Secure Expiration Code
    • Automate Activation Through Web Browser or Internet Communication
    • Automate Subscriptions and Paid Feature Delivery
    • Support Standard, Trial, Dynamic, Floating or Internet Dependent Licenses
    • Create Protected 32-bit or 64-bit Apps on Mac, Windows or Linux
    • Embed Resource and Data Files into Application with AddLicense Wrapping Tool
    • Code Sign Apps and Library Files During the AddLicense Build Process
    • Process InApp Payments by Credit Card or PayPal
    • Integrate Feedback Process into API or AddLicense Wrapped Apps
  • Customer-Focused
    • Present Customers with an Automated Activation Process
    • Activate and Protect Applications on Computers With No Internet Access
    • Combine Try/Buy/Product Licenses for Evaluation and Purchase
    • Control User Interface with Custom Text and Multiple Languages
    • Allow Customers to Securely Release, Restore and Move Licenses
    • Display Runtime Dialogs with High DPI on Retina and 4K Monitors
  • Economical
    • Deploy Licenses for any Product, Platform or Edition Royalty-Free
    • Configure and Manage macOS, Window or Linux Licenses from Windows or Mac
    • Reduce Distribution Cost and Customer Support with Automation
    • Collect, Locate, Organize and Manage Customer Data

Generate Activation or Subscription Codes from QuickLicense. Use the Safe Activation Service to grant instant Activation Codes for products or subscriptions based on Serial Numbers. Access product and customer information through a secure, online account with no web site programming required. Host an activation server on your own website with Desktop License Server or WebActivation.

Protect Applications with AddLicense AddLicense is included to protect compiled applications with a few button clicks. Configure a license with QuickLicense, then wrap your compiled application in seconds.

Demonstration Videos show how to protect, manage, sell and support software licenses. See highlights first introduced in QuickLicense version 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 9.2. Compare the features in Standard vs Pro.

QuickLicense MacOSX is a Universal app that runs native on Intel or Apple Silicon computers. It includes x86 64-bit, ARM 64-bit and Universal API runtimes. The AddLicense wrapping tool generates x86, ARM and Universal Apps.

Click Here to Order The QuickLicense Standard Windows edition includes AddLicense support for both 32-bit and 64-bit EXEs.

System Requirements:
    QuickLicense Windows runs on 32 or 64-bit Windows 7 to 11. QuickLicense MacOSX runs on Mac OS X 10.13 or later.

    A QuickLicense configured license can be applied to a Linux executable with the API or wrapping tool.

    Single User and 5-User Site Licenses are available. Give your entire team access to license information with a Site Edition.