Safe Activation Plans

A Vendor account on Safe Activation makes it easy and convenient to automate the activation process for you and your customers. Support any number of products, customers or license types with no web site programming needed. Get secure access to your product and customer information any time from anywhere in the world using any modern web browser.

The service allows a vendor to collect, manage and search customer information. Assign Serial Numbers to products that control how many computer activations are allowed for each license. The activation process can occur from a custom web page, but typically occurs from a dialog presented by the protected application. Collect customer entered information into a customer record within your account during the activation process.

The Safe Activation service and monthly price was designed to be scaleable and cost effective to fit startups or large organizations. There are no per product or license charges. The monthly fee is based on the plan you select.

No term commitment is required. Setup, close or upgrade your account any time without fees. Move account data from Service 1 to 2 or 3 with existing activation page URLs redirected in about an hour.

To register an account, type Safe Activation, Service 1, 2 or 3 and the Plan size in the Order Form. If needed, add File Storage to any Safe Activation account for downloadable products, installers or updates.

Pick the Plan That Fits Your Business

Plan Max Product
Max Customers
Serial Numbers
Service 1
Per Month
Service 2
Per Month
Service 3
Per Month
Test 2 100 $20 $35 $45
Starter 4 1000 $40 $70 $90
Basic 20 5000 $60 $105 $135
Standard 100 25000 $90 $158 $200
Deluxe 500 125000 $135 $236 $300
Enterprise 1000 250000 $160 $280 $350
Global 2000 500000 $190 $332 $415

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