Safe Activation Service 1

Use the Safe Activation service with Protected Applications or Documents generated by QuickLicense, AppProtect or DocProtect to automate secure, flexible license management. Software vendors can log into their account to setup product information, serial numbers or manage customer licenses.

Login, Backup & Restore  Automated Activation

Securely login and configure your vendor account from any web browser. Backup and restore account data to your local computer.

Give customers instant 24x7 software activation on first launch. Allow software activation on disconnected computers through a web browser on any computer.

Products & Trials  Serial Numbers

Configure secure activation of each Trial or Product license you sell. Link each product to a batch of Serial Numbers and a custom activation form.

Generate, import or export a batch of Serial Numbers to manage the licenses for each product. Each Serial Number controls how many computers the software can be activated on.

Customize Fields  Contact Data

Configure the data fields collected from the user during each Trial or Product activation.

Receive an email of customer data for each license activation. Search and access customer license data from any computer with Internet access.