Safe Activation Service 2

Dynamic & Floating License  Release, Restore or Move License

Deliver a license that fits each customer's specific needs. Manage hundreds of licenses across a large university or company with minimal effort.

Configure Standard, Dynamic, Floating or Internet Dependent licenses with a few mouse clicks.

Allow customers to securely move a license between computers with a release or restore button click.

For computers without Internet access, a customer uses Block Codes or Unblock Codes. Any web browser can retrieve codes from an automated web page presented by Safe Activation that only work on a specific, activated computer.

Suspend License  Software Subscriptions

Suspend an activated license for non-payment or license violation.

Set the Suspend checkbox for the license Serial Number. On next launch, the license is suspended until you enable it.

Offer software as a paid subscription. Set the Subscriber checkbox for each Serial Number in Safe Activation and subscriptions are automatically renewed each period.

Computers without Internet access can use a Subscription Code retrieved from an automated web page using any browser.

Shopping Cart Access  Click to Deliver Paid Features

Safe Activation can generate, import and manage Serial Numbers.

Your automated shopping cart can securely retrieve Serial Numbers for inclusion with a customer purchase.

Enable additional paid features in an activated license. To deliver a purchased feature, set a Feature checkbox on the Serial Number in Safe Activation.

A customer can click a button to enable the feature or enter a computer unique Feature Password on a computer without Internet access.

Email & Notifications  Subscription By Issue

Deliver a customized email message to each customer upon activation.

Directly inform users of updates, upgrades or related products with Notification dialogs.

Use DocProtect to manage a multiple-issue paid subscription with minimal vendor effort and simple user interface.

A subscriber activates the first issue by typing a Serial Number, then downloads and automatically enables future issues until the subscription expires.