Safe Activation - File Storage

Most developers store Application, Setup or Update files on their website. For convenience or necessity, some developers prefer to store customer downloadable files in their Safe Activation account.

Contact Excel Software by phone 702-445-7645 or email to add storage space to your Safe Activation account or click the instant Buy Now button on the File Storage page. Log into your Safe Activation account, then click Files in the Product menu.

Up to 100 files can be stored in your account for $10/month. The maximum file size that you can upload is about 100 MB, but that may depend on your computer, browser and Internet speed. Upload, delete or replace files as often as needed. Any number of users can download your files. Contact Excel Software at any time to remove File Storage from your account.

Once file storage is enabled, go to the File Storage page in your Safe Activation account to upload your files. If you upload the same file name, the older file is replaced. Once a file is uploaded, that page shows the URL required by a user to download the file.

Accepted file types include .exe, .pdf, .zip, .xlse, .xml, .apk, .ert, .wmv, .mp4, .xlsm, .xlsb, .jpg, .png, .gif, .csv, .txt, .accde, .xlsx, .html or .excelrt_plugin. Mac application files of type .app should first be compressed to a .zip file. When downloaded to a macOS computer with Safari, the file is automatically unzip.