Safe Activation Service 3

Daily Backups  Event Driven Actions

A daily backup of your account data will be stored for one month. Configure Safe Activation to automatically copy the daily backup file to your web site for safekeeping.

Restore your account data to a previous date with a button click if necessary.


Configure event driven actions like customer emails, notification dialogs in your application or set Serial Number flags.

For example, send an email a month before subscription expires another one week before expiration and present a notification if it expires without renewal.

Integrated Shopping Cart  External Shopping Cart

The Built-In Shopping Cart uses your PayPal or merchant account or ShipIt to process online orders. The cart supports multiple products, quantities, discount codes, tax and shipping options.


Use Safe Activation with any external shopping cart system. Pre-Integrated carts include Shopify, UltraCart, Ejunkie, 2Checkout, PremiumWebCart, SecureNetShop, FastSpring, DPD, Mals, etc. Learn more about the Software Sales Process.

Order Summary  Transactions

Automatically assign Serial Numbers and provide a download link for products when order is processed.

Present order summary to customers by web or email.


List or search Order Summary transactions generated by the Integrated or External shopping cart. Generate manual transactions for phone or email orders from your Safe Activation account.

Payment Processors  Customer & Sales Login

Use PayPal, Authorize.Net or Amazon Payments to automate payment processing without programming.

Integrate to other shopping carts and third party payment processor with little or no development effort.


Enable an online Customer Account that allows customers to log in and view transactions or license status of purchased products.

Enable a sales rep login to your Safe Activation account to submit orders or view customer licensing information without the risk of full access to configuration data.

Registered Downloads  License Automation

Use a Registered Download to protect a digital product. Restrict the number of days, downloads or locations (IP addresses) allowed by a download link.

  • Log Activations, Release/Restore, Orders, etc.
  • Save Computer IP Address during Activation.
  • Remotely Control Timed Licenses
  • Read/Write App Data and Statistics via Web.
Customization & Branding  Unicode & HTML

Apply header, logo and background images across customer viewable web pages to present a consistent brand.

Add style with HTML tags and CSS.


Send customer emails with HTML formatting. Add style and links to notification dialogs.

Support any human language with Unicode enabled web pages, communication and runtime support.

SafeWebApp  Online Training

Turn web content like HTML, Flash, Videos and PDFs into a secure Web App only accessible with Serial Number based activation.

SafeWebApp is a free, Web App controlled browser available on many platforms. It supports user feedback, vendor notifications and public discoverable indexes.


Setup Buy buttons on your web site, a shopping cart, payment processing, order completion with assigned Serial Numbers, customer accounts for order and license status, event driven actions and other license management features.

Demonstration videos outline the setup process and customer experience to save you time and increase sales.

Cloud License  Affiliate & Reseller Sales

Cloud License is an API to activate and license software on mobile devices with Internet access.

Apply Product, Trial, Subscription or Floating licenses without installing additional software on the device.


An affiliate is a partner that helps you sell your software for a commission. Give special buy buttons to affiliates that work with the built-in shopping cart.

A reseller is a partner that directly sells your software to customers. Resellers can retrieve Serial Numbers for specific products and you bill them later at the reseller price.

Email Commands  Buy Button with Discount Codes

Manage a license with Email or Text messages sent by phone or computer.

Activate, release or restore a license with email commands. Enable new features or manage a subscription.


Add fixed amount or percentage Discount Codes to Buy or Subscription buttons created with PayPal.

Once setup, add or remove Discount Codes in minutes from Safe Activation without PayPal or website changes.