Paypal Button With Discount Codes

PayPal buttons offer an easy way to automate the purchase process without the need for a shopping cart. Create a Buy or Subscription button from your PayPal merchant account. Paste the button into a page of your website and start selling.

For multiple products that can be ordered at once, a shopping cart is sometimes required. Often a developer sells just a few products, but wants the ability to offer Discount or Coupon Codes for marketing reasons.

Safe Activation Service 3 can enrich simple PayPal buttons with the ability to accept Discount Codes. That often eliminates the need for a shopping cart and reduces development cost.

Regardless of how you sell your products, Safe Activation can automate the delivery of a Serial Number to your customer at the time of purchase. On first launch, that Serial Number activates your product on a specific number of machines and can help manage the license thereafter.

Safe Activation can insert a Discount Page into the normal PayPal checkout process:

  • The Discount Page accepts an optional discount or coupon code. The discounted price appears when clicking the Apply Code button. Click Buy Now to continue the normal checkout process. Notice the full and discounted price on the Checkout Page.

  • Any website can use Buy or Subscription buttons with Discount Codes.

  • Buy buttons are created in Paypal and enhanced in Safe Activation. The initial setup process requires a few extra steps. Fixed amount ($10, $20) and percentage discounts (10%, 15%) are supported for any currency.

  • Discount Codes can be offered to customers as a marketing tool. After setup, anyone can easily add or cancel Discount Codes from Safe Activation in minutes. No changes are needed in PayPal or on your website.
The Discount page can be customized with your own company and product name, text, image or fonts.