Registered Downloads

A registered download is an easy way to distribute digital products like applications, plugins and documents to paying customers.

This helps to prevent piracy by controlling access to downloadable files. Registered downloads can be used independently or with a protection and licensing process with secure online activation.

What is It?

    A Registered Download gives a software vendor control over the download process.

    1. Control how many times a file can be downloaded.
    2. Control how many days until the download link expires.
    3. Control how many locations (IP addresses) can download the file.

How to Create?

    A Registered Download URL is generated and managed by the Safe Activation server.

    1. Fill in a Web form to register a download and return the URL.
    2. HTTP POST data from a custom shopping cart to return the URL.
    3. Automatically generate URL in Order Summary email sent to customer.

How to Use?

    The customer clicks a download link or button in an email or web page with any browser.

    1. Each customer gets a unique download link during the purchase process.
    2. Each customer download is recorded and controlled by Safe Activation.
    3. The customer never sees the source location of the file.

How to Manage?

    Monitor how many downloads, days and locations access each download URL from Safe Activation.

    1. View how a download link was used by each customer.
    2. Search, Delete or Resend a download URL by email with a few button clicks.
    3. Update the source file stored on your server any time without affecting URLs.