Present Customer Purchase and License Status

Customer Account

      Automatically Generate Customer Account
      Present Customer Login from Your Website
      Allow Customer to Retrieve Forgotten Password
      Present Table of Purchases with Linked Details
      Present Serial Numbers and License Summary
      Present License Status Details for Customer Computers
      Customize Images, Text and Styles in Customer Account

Add a secure customer login page to your website without programming. Customers can log into their account, view purchased Products and Serial Numbers assigned during an automated purchase process. Customers can view the status of each license on each target computer.

Several optional features can be enabled in a customer account:

  • Edit Account Data - Display and allow the customer to edit the first name, last name, company, email or password for their account by clicking a field value and changing it in a popup dialog.

  • Activation Data in Details - A customer record is generated during the software activation process. Include any part of this data in the License Details Table.

  • Download Links - A list of download links for purchased applications, user guides, videos or help information can be shown on the customer account page.