Protect and License Linux Desktop Software

Use QuickLicense to license Linux app

QuickLicenseRT Linux

  Call QuickLicense Runtime from 32 or 64-Bit Linux Software
  Define Trial, Product, Floating or Subscription Licenses
  Create Combined Try/Buy/Subscription License in One App
  Support Offline, Automated Online or Dongle Activation
  Enable License Release, Restore, Suspend or Reset
  Remotely Enable Additional Features in Activated Software
  Extend Expired Time or Execution Limited Licenses with a Code

  Distribute Unlimited Protected Products, Royalty-Free
  Standardize Licensing on Mac, Windows or Linux computers
  Apply License without Programming using LinuxWrap
  Combine Trial, Product or Subscription with LinuxWrap
  Suppress User Entry and Confirmation Dialogs for No GUI Apps
  Access the QuickLicense API through a Shell Command

    Looking for a DRM solution for your Linux Desktop Application?

    The QuickLicenseRT executable on Linux implements the QuickLicense system. A developer configures license types, features and the activation process with QuickLicense running on a Mac or Windows computer, then outputs a Ticket file to define that license.

    Add a few lines of code to the Linux application to bind it to the QuickLicenseRT executable and Ticket file. Use manual activation with a computer unique Activation Code, online Serial Number activation or a USB dongle.

    QuickLicenseRT Linux can license a desktop application in three ways.

    • 32-bit API
    • 64-bit API
    • 64-bit LinuxWrap

    With the API approach, add a few lines of code to your Linux application to send a command to the QuickLicenseRT executable, then based on the response continue or quit your application. The package includes the User Guide and SendMessage test application to activate and test a license without programming. Simple API commands are required to implement licensing in your application.

    With the LinuxWrap tool, no programming is required to apply a license to a compiled desktop application.

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Distribute Desktop Apps:

    After applying a license with the QuickLicense API or LinuxWrap, build a downloadable application that runs on any Linux distribution with BuildAppImage.

Safe Activation:

    Use Safe Activation to create a Buy button for your website with an automated purchase and Serial Number delivery process. Now anyone can purchase, download and start using your App in seconds.
Build Apps with DocProtect:

    Use DocProtect Linux to build a desktop App from HTML, Video, Audio, PDF or a collection of Image files.

System Requirements:

    QuickLicenseRT Linux supports all major 32-Bit and 64-Bit Linux OS distributions including Ubuntu, Debian, OpenSUSE, Fedora, CentOS and Linux Mint on an x86 computer architecture.

    Learn more about Linux OS Requirements.

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