QuickLicense Server for Mac or Windows

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Floating License Server

Build a vendor-branded, floating license server for any Mac or Windows application with little or no programming. A floating license system consists of a License Server, Monitor and Protected Apps.

Floating Licenses

Your customer uses the License Monitor to securely set the Server IP address and Port, change the purchased license count or monitor server operation. The License Server silently manages the number of allowed concurrent Apps running on the network. No Internet access is required.

Vendor Branding

    Use MakeServer to build License Server and Monitor With basic computer skills, a vendor can brand the License Server and Monitor applications with their own file names, icons, user presented Monitor window and custom dialog text and security features.

    Vendors can offer and price their products based on the number of floating licenses. Additional licenses can be securely added to the License Server running at a customer site by typing a code into the License Monitor.

    Code Sign The License Monitor application includes the latest QuickLicense 9 licensing features. On macOS, 64-bit technology ensures compatibility with the latest OS. The generated Server and Monitor applications on Mac or Windows can be code signed during the build process for smooth delivery in a security conscious world.

Multiple Platform Support
    The Windows edition of QuickLicense Server generates the License Server and Monitor applications that run on any computer with Windows 7 to 10 and can manage either Mac, Windows or Linux applications protected with QuickLicense. Likewise, the Mac edition of QuickLicense Server generates a License Server and License Monitor application that runs on any macOS computer with 10.10 or later and manages Mac, Windows or Linux applications.
Floating Documents
    QuickLicense Server works with DocProtect to support floating licenses for protected documents including PDF files, slide shows, video and audio files, SWF animations or compiled HTML based applications.
New Revenue with Minimal Effort
    Since QuickLicense Server requires little or no programming effort, new revenue streams can be added from existing Mac or Windows software products. Customers enjoy the ability to use floating licenses across all computers on their network with little administrative effort.

    QuickLicense Server includes royalty-free License Server and Monitor distribution for any number of products or licenses.

System Requirements:
    QuickLicense Server Windows runs on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. QuickLicense Server MacOSX runs on macOS 10.10 or later with an Intel or Apple Silicon processor.

    On macOS, the MakeServer tool is a Universal app that runs native on Intel or ARM processors. Generate Intel 64-bit, ARM 64-bit or Universal builds of your License Server and License Monitor apps.

    Use QuickLicense Server together with the QuickLicense product. Demonstration Videos show how to get started.

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