WebActivation on Your Own Windows Server

Self-Hosted Activation

Use WebActivation to automate license activation, release and restore. Manage the licensing process through a customized web page or directly via Internet communication with the protected application. WebActivation works with the QuickLicense, DocProtect or AppProtect protection and licensing tools.

WebActivation provide self-hosted activation of Desktop applications

System Requirements:
    Click Here to Order WebActivation includes design diagrams that show how components fit together and a test page to use each executable. It includes a demonstration video, printed and PDF User Guide plus free technical support by phone or email if you need it.

    WebActivation Data Sheet A dedicated server hosting plan will probably be required. The default WebActivation setup must run ASP or PHP files and executables that create, read, write and delete text files stored in a directory on your web server. Alternatively, call methods in the WebActivationRT.dll from your own custom web pages.