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LicenseSupport Process LicenseSupport serves two roles:

      Customer Support Tool
      Safe Activation API

Safe Activation is an online activation service that works with software protection and licensing tools including QuickLicense, DocProtect and AppProtect.

LicenseSupport enables a customer support person to efficiently manage software licensing issues by phone, email or Internet. It allows applications or websites to share licensing information with the Safe Activation server, customers, resellers or affiliates.

Direct Commands
Internet Commands
Customer Data and History Logs
    The LicenseSupport app can store Customer data. That data may include custom fields that can be edited, searched, imported, exported or added from a Safe Activation generated email message.

    By integrating customer data, email support, license commands and historical logs, the LicenseSupport app can simplify the support process for a specific customer license based on the Serial Number.

Safe Activation Programming Interface
    The LicenseSupport product documents a secure programming interface to the Safe Activation server. A vendor-written application or web service can securely access support commands to retrieve a Serial Number for a specific product, check the status of a license or view a customer record. For example, an App running on a customer computer can display the expiration date of their paid subscription.

    Status flags, allowed activations, expiration date or optional features in a customer license can be remotely set, enabled or disabled. Read and write activation or order data.

    Safe Activation API The Safe Activation programming interface can be used from a shopping cart running on a vendor web site. When processing a customer order, Serial Numbers can be securely retrieved, the allowed computer activation count can be set to match the ordered licenses and selected features in the license can be enabled in the activation server during the purchase process.

Safe Activation API Commands
    ActivateNext Unused Serial NumberAdd Serial Number
    Delete Serial NumberLicense StatusSearch Customer Records
    Serial Number DataSerial Number Option SetSerial Number Option Clear
    Change Max ActivationsSuspend Request NumberChange Serial Number Date
    Serial Number Note Read/WriteSerial Number Date Read/WriteProduct Note Read/Write
    Customer Field Read/WriteTransaction Read/SearchRemote Log
    Customer DeleteBlock List DeleteFeature Read/Write
    Get SNs by Range or GroupGet Activated SNs for EmailGet Activated SNs for Product

    Customer accounts and support services running on a vendor web site can access or update real-time licensing data stored in the activation server. That data can be used by the protected application running on a customer computer. The QuickLicense runtime has a passthru command to securely send these API commands from a protected application.

System Requirements:
    LicenseSupport Windows runs on any Windows 8.1 to 11 computer with a 32-bit or 64-bit processor. LicenseSupport MacOS runs on macOS 10.14 or later. Single User and Site Licenses are available.

LicenseSupport Data Sheet
    Support application, plugin, game, spreadsheet, PDF, EPUB, Video or document licenses running on Mac, Windows, Linux or mobile platforms using the LicenseSupport app running on Mac or Windows.
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